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Beyond Your Schoolyard: An Intro to GPS, Geocaching and Google Earth

Begins 06/07/2011
This course is an introduction to Google Earth and the geospatial technologies of GPS (global positioning systems) and GIS (geographical information systems). Participants will gain an understanding of how these technologies work and will practice using a GPS system and Google Earth. They will consider how these tools might be used to develop authentic, problem-based experiences that engage students in critical thinking, decision-making and data analysis. Upon completion of this course, participants will have experienced a group project involving both GPS and Google Earth; designed a Google Earth file which exhibits features such as formatting place marker descriptions, adding images and route paths; and developed a classroom lesson that utilizes Google Earth, GPS, and/or geocaching. Participants will also learn to navigate using a GPS device and consider the use of geocaching in their classrooms. GIS will be introduced. An in-depth look at GIS is not within the scope of this six week course.